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What is LANDFLIP? helps buyers easily find land and provides land sellers with an easy to use platform for marketing and advertising land for sale, land auctions and land for lease. Since its launch, LANDFLIP has proven to be a comprehensive resource for land buyers and investors searching for hunting land, farm land, home sites, timberland, horse farms, waterfront, ranches and other types of land.

How well does LANDFLIP rank in the search engines?

Our search engine rankings speak volumes. We consistently rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for thousands of broad and specific search terms related to land such as: "land", "land for sale", "buy land" and thousands of long tail searches.

How much traffic does LANDFLIP receive?

LANDFLIP receives over 500,000 monthly visitors and over 5,000,000 page views from more than 160 countries and is growing an average of 20% each month. Visitors view an average of 15 pages per visit and spend roughly 8 minutes and 43 seconds searching land. LANDFLIP receives more views per listing than any other land marketing web site. 47% of our visitors are male and 53% are female. 75% are 35+ years of age.

I have land outside the United States. Can I advertise it on LANDFLIP?

Yes! We offer land advertising worldwide.

Does LANDFLIP receive a commission or fee if I sell my listing on LANDFLIP?

No. We do not collect commissions or referral fees if you sell your listing on LANDFLIP.

Is LANDFLIP a real estate company?

No. LANDFLIP is an exclusive land real estate marketing platform owned and managed by LANDFLIP, Inc.

Does LANDFLIP own any of the land listed on the site?

No. LANDFLIP does not own, buy, sell or lease any land listed on

What type of land is advertised on LANDFLIP?

Land containing a structure (i.e. permanent residence or commercial building) MUST be 3 acres or more. LANDFLIP reserves the right to remove any listing under 3 acres in size that is deemed non conducive to LANDFLIP's visitors.

Can I advertise a house on LANDFLIP?

Houses may be advertised on LANDFLIP only if they contain three (3) or more acres of land.

What forms of payment does LANDFLIP accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. We accept payment by check with a 1 year minimum purchase.

Does LANDFLIP offer a free trail?

No. A free trial for marketing land doesn't make much sense if you are serious about selling land. Marketing land is not a short term endeavor. In fact, most land marketing efforts take 6+ months and can take longer during distressed real estate markets.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our service is month-to-month and there are no contracts other than our Terms of Use. You may cancel at any time. No refunds or credits for early cancellation, partial months or failure to list properties after purchase.

Does LANDFLIP offer a referral program?

Yes. Refer a friend to LANDFLIP and get 1 month FREE! Contact us to submit your referral.

Does LANDFLIP accept listing data feeds?

Yes. To learn more about the listing feed service and fees, please contact us.

Can LANDFLIP "pull" the listings from my website?

No. We do not "pull" or "scrape" listings from other websites. However, we do offer a listing feed service. Contact us to learn more.

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LANDFLIP Testimonials

Garrett Properties"I am very impressed with your organization's web-site and technical support! LANDFLIP's site is the most user-friendly and organized site I have ever used! You guys rock."
Michelle Morgan | Garrett Properties
Georgia Land Company"LANDFLIP offers quality exposure for my company's rural real estate listings. It also provides an excellent avenue to search for land for our clients who are looking to buy. LANDFLIP is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to buy or sell land. Due to the national exposure and user-friendly website, I use LANDFLIP to help supplement my marketing campaign."
Adam Griffin | Georgia Land Company
AlaLandCo"LANDFLIP is doing a superb job for my clients. I am a land broker in Alabama and I have been very impressed with the response I have gotten from advertising with LANDFLIP. The format of the property display is concise and informative...just what customers are looking for. I make sure all of my clients properties are displayed on LANDFLIP. A great product from great people." Robert King | Alalandco
Brown Realty Co"We enjoy your website very much. You guys have set a new standard for customer service and user friendly website. Keep up the good work!!"
Brown Realty Company

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